State Dept. denies embassies’ requests to fly rainbow pride flag on official flagpoles

The department has also come under fire from Congress for a policy that does not automatically grant birthright citizenship to U.S. citizens’ children who are born abroad through assisted reproductive technology, which lawmakers say indiscriminately affects gay and lesbian couples.

Under State Department policy, children born overseas must be the biological child of a U.S. citizen to receive citizenship at birth. But citizenship will not be granted to the child if it is born through in vitro fertilization and surrogacy and the genetic parent is not a U.S. citizen, even if the couple is legally married.

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In several cases, the children of same-sex couples have had their citizenship denied or delayed even though at least one parent is a U.S. citizen. The State Department is currently fighting lawsuits from two couples on this issue.

Nearly 20 Democratic senators and 80 House members signed two letters to Pompeo Thursday demanding he reverse the policy.