Dear SBM Ministry Partners and Friends,

Who could have EVER imagined we would be living in end times such as these? The entire WORLD has come to a screeching halt, and a deadly pandemic is upon all of us. Let us all repent and call upon the mighty Name of Jesus! Let us be a light, now more than ever, to all those who are in darkness! Come, Lord Jesus!

First of all, I pray each one of you, your family, and your loved ones are healthy and safe. If you need prayer or would like to talk, we are here for you – please call us! We truly have never experienced anything like this during our lifetime. I hope you and yours are locked down, practicing social distancing, hand washing, and everything we are told to do to remain healthy and safe. I pray and believe this will pass – we all just need to safely get through this together. Be sure to check in on those who may be in need – by phone or Face Time. Do what you can to safely help others – in Jesus’ Name, amen!

I also want to sincerely thank you for your continued support of this ministry and ask that you would please please pray for us – especially during this time.

In 2008 when the economy collapsed, the ministry lost almost 75% of our monthly and annual support. We never fully recovered and have been operating with a minimum skeleton budget and staff ever since. This time, God forbid – it could break us.

The ministry relies on every dollar graciously given. Already in the first weeks of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, ministry partners have cancelled nearly $1,300 of their monthly support due to loss of income and/or jobs. For us, that is a huge amount of support lost due to this virus. We know our partners are in the same boat as so many of us are, and we, of course, are praying for them as well!

This year marks our 20th year in ministry for the Lord, and we believe He didn’t bring us this far for us to close our doors. There are too many people out there who need the Lord, who need to hear the life-changing, soul-saving message of the gospel, and who count on and rely on this ministry!

If you are able, please do keep us in your prayers, as well as your financial giving. Please pray that others would also partner with the ministry at this make or break time. Please pray the work of the Lord may go forth to those who struggle with unwanted same-sex attraction or transgenderism. Jesus loves each one of them – and so do we!

Thank you again for your emergency prayers and continued support during these trying and traumatic times. Know that we are here for you and have added extended hours for those who need to talk or pray. Remember – we are only a phone call away. We love and appreciate each one of you! Be safe and be well! Know that you and yours are in our daily prayers. Lord willing, we will all get through this time together.

With much love and thanks in Jesus Christ,