SBM’s Discipleship Series: Help & Hope for Men & Women with Same-Sex Attraction Desiring Change


SBM Worldwide’s flagship series on overcoming homosexuality for individuals struggling with same-sex attraction. Also an EXCELLENT series for parents, pastors, spouses, family members and friends who have a loved one who is conflicted with their Christianity and sexuality. Since 2000, SBM has used this series to minister to thousands of people worldwide – and numerous individuals have been set free from their unwanted same-sex attractions due to this book!



Covers everything about homosexuality from A to Z, both biblically and practically. An amazing resource identifying causes and common threads of same-sex attraction in both women and men. Also outlines the 13 steps one can take to be freed of their unwanted same-sex desires. 90+ pages, written by SBM Worldwide’s Founder and President, Stephen Bennett, a former homosexual man. Outlines exactly what Stephen did to be freed of his unwanted same-sex desires and attractions.

*NOTE: This book may be purchased individually. However, if using as a discipleship program, you would purchase (2) books: one for the individual struggling, and the other for the Accountability Partner (AP) who will be discipling the struggling individual. Again, you can purchase just one copy, however, if you intend on using the book and the discipleship program as intended in the future, please purchase a second copy. Feel free to call the SBM Worldwide Ministry Office with any additional questions if needed. Thank you and Lord bless you!


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