The 10 Most Effective Ways to Reach the Homosexual for Christ


By far, one of SBM’s most POWERFUL resources ever released.

Written, recorded and produced by Stephen Bennett. This 2-1/2 hour AUDIO SERIES and 25 page Companion Study Guide will help educate anyone: a parent, spouse, family member, friend, coworker, or pastor – to understand HOW to reach, minister to and evangelize the homosexual man and woman for Jesus Christ.



This powerful TEACHING SERIES was designed to be used for individual study, small group lessons – or to be used for Adult Sunday School classes.

This series is available for IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD. Download the entire audio series in an .MP3 format which can be played back on any computer, iPad, iPod or music device. Also burn the audio files from your computer directly to a CD or DVD. Print out the 25 page Companion Study Guide as well.

This SERIES is ideal for ANYONE looking to effectively reach and minister to any man or woman who identifies as gay, lesbian or bisexual.


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