The Tragedy of Same Sex Parenting (Beguerie & Bennett)

The Tragedy of Same Sex Parenting (Beguerie & Bennett)


A special investigative report on “gay” parenting and homosexual adoption, featuring the story of Charles Mitchell.



Charles and his brothers were adopted by a homosexual “pastor” and his male partner, who the boys were instructed to call “Uncle.” Growing up, the boys saw things no children should ever see. Being part of a “gay” church, the boys became very trusting of many of the homosexual men, who lavished the boys with money, gifts and alcohol.

Tragedy struck as one of the brothers was brought into homosexual male prostitution at a young age, while Charles and his brothers were all molested repeatedly in the church by different men.

In the end, Charles and one of his brothers would ultimately choose two different paths: one which led to life — and the other: death.

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