Elementary 101: The “Gay” Agenda & America’s Public Schools

Elementary 101: The “Gay” Agenda & America’s Public Schools


(Item# AC-014-ID) Homosexual activists are using America’s public schools to take control of your children’s minds and garner support for their “cause.” Some “gay” activists have said, “Homophobia can be wiped out in one generation if we properly used the public school system to indoctrinate children with tolerance, diversity and sensitivity training.” This special investigative report will show you EXACTLY what they have been successfully doing now for over 20 years.



Linda Harvey of Mission: America joins Stephen Bennett and SBM Media Correspondent Dave Beguerie in exposing the “gay” agenda’s aggressive assault on America’s public schools.

From the principals, teachers and PTOs, to schools’ “gay” clubs and curricula, you won’t believe what your children are being taught. The agenda: to desensitize every child into believing and accepting homosexuality as “normal and natural.” From the organizations and people behind this assault, no child is safe. An audio resource every parent, teacher, pastor and concerned citizen needs to hear.

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