Homosexuality – An Expository Study of Romans, Chapter One

Homosexuality – An Expository Study of Romans, Chapter One


With the popularity of “diversity” and liberalism, homosexuality is becoming something which is being accepted, celebrated and promoted in our nation, as well as the world. Yet another movement is taking place – one which began way back in the Garden of Eden — the “questioning” and doubting of the Word of God by those who claim to be Christian.



Most Christians believe homosexuality is sin — but many have doubts and questions as to what God’s Word REALLY says — or doesn’t say on the subject.

In one of SBM’s most insightful and biblical audio series to date, SBM Founder and Executive Director Stephen Bennett preaches and teaches an IN-DEPTH 2-1/2 hour biblical study titled “Homosexuality – An Expository Study of Romans, Chapter One.” An important and TIMELESS message EVERY Christian – believer and follower of Jesus Christ – needs to hear.

This 5 part AUDIO SERIES is available for IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD as high quality .MP3 files and will play on any computer, iPad, iPod, iPhone, media device, etc. Also includes the Companion Study Notes for the entire series as a .pdf file.

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